Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeding - Day 1

The following pictures depict the first day of seeding.

The various components that make up the soil mix are combined in this 'pool'. The sieve helps sort out stems and other unwanted items from the final mix. The mix includes- peat moss, compost, limestone, greensand, kelp, blood meal (not human), and bone meal (also, not human), vermiculite, and perlite. These ingredients provide the nutrients that aid in the healthy germination of the seeds.

The center row of tables. Only the beginning.

The left side of the greenhouse; looking from the front door.

The right side of the greenhouse. Keep these pictures in mind. On Monday, March 28, one week after these pictures, pictures of each section of the greenhouse will be shown to allow for a comparison to illustrate how much has been accomplished in one week.

On the left is a flat of Toscano Kale; on the right, Red Russian Kale. On Monday, 3/28, another picture of these flats will be taken to see if there has been any germination. This will be done on a weekly basis until they plants are ready to be planted in the field.

In the late fall, cloves of garlic were planted. They were then covered with straw to provide some protection over the course of the winter. As can be seen, the garlic is sending forth shoots that indicate that they are growing and doing well. The visible shoots will become garlic scapes, which will then be harvested and available at market. The 'scapes' can be used like garlic or scallions. They have a milder and more delicate taste than the garlic. They can be used fresh, sauteed, or made into a pesto.

Let the seeding begin. Here David is intent on the task at hand. Seeding requires ones full attention and is very time consuming. Yet, it has a certain meditative quality to it. It is a question of balance to maintain ones full attention and move along at a steady pace.

Overseeing the operation is Maple. She wants to make sure that everything is being done to a high standard of excellence.

Further on down the road. Peace and healthy eating to all.

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