Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeding - The Beginning

Monday, March 21 marked the start of this years seeding at Z Food Farm. The initial goal was to start the first week of March. Clearly, this date has come and gone. The reasons for the delay are varied, but there were circumstances beyond David’s control. However, though behind from the standpoint of the goal of starting on March 2, seeding is well ahead of last year. Last year at this time the greenhouse was still being built, with some seeding being started at Cherry Grove Organic Farm due to the graciousness of Farmer Matt. And it is a good thing that 2011 is not the first year of Z Food Farm as the current weather has been much cooler and wetter than last year at this time. If this were year 1 then seeding would end up being farther behind than it was last year. Thus, despite the cool, wet weather, full speed ahead.

What follows is the list of vegetables that have been seeded these first four days.

ESCAROLE (a hearty green whose leaves are less bitter than endive; high in folic acid and fiber; can be eaten raw or gently cooked)

KALE (Toscano and Red Russian)

CELTUCE (also called celery lettuce; grown primarily for its thick stem which is very crispy and tender; young leaves can be used as lettuce for salads and stir-fry; popular in China)


ONIONS (scallions, shallots, bulb onions, chippolini)

CHERVIL (used to season poultry, seafood; more delicate than parsley; has a subtle anise flavor)

RADICCHIO (very popular in Italy; it is eaten raw with olive oil and salt; can be mixed into a variety of salads; can be grilled or roasted)

MICHILI (Aka- Green Rocket) (type of Chinese cabbage known for its sweetness. More mild and tender than Western cabbages. Delicious in a salad or slaw. Can be boiled, stir-fried, steamed or braised.)


LETTUCE (13 varieties)


MITSUBA (native Japanese herb- Japanese parsley)

CHIVES (regular and garlic)




BROCCOLI RAAB (Rapini) (the flavor has been described as nutty, bitter, and pungent. Sauté with garlic over low heat for 10-15 minutes)

BEETS (6 varieties)

CABBAGE (6 varieties)

It has indeed been a busy four days. If rust never sleeps, seeding never stops.

Welcome back to Gregg and Oscar as they start their second year at Z Food Farm. And, for the first day of seeding, a shout out of thanks to Betsy and Frank. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

When possible and practical- eat local, eat sustainable, eat organic.

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