Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Say Tomato, I Say Delicious

“The soil is, as a matter of fact, full of live organisms. It is essential to conceive of it as something pulsating with life, not as a dead or inert mass. There could be no greater misconception than to regard the earth as dead: a handful of soil is teeming with life.” (“The Soil and Health- A Study of Organic Agriculture by Sir Albert Howard; pg. 22)

Here are more of the tomatoes to look forward to this coming season at Z Food Farm. And, there are plenty more to tell about. And speaking of more varieties that will be grown at Z Food Farm, there are approximately 7,500 varieties of tomatoes. Also, for your information, the tomato is native to South America. Some evidence indicates that tomatoes were used by the Aztecs by 500 BC. Some historians believe that Cortez (yes, THAT Cortez) may have been the first to bring the tomato to Europe. Others believe it may have been Columbus. (Wikipedia)

Is your mouth watering yet? Getting there. Happy and healthy eating to all.

Eva Purple Ball- Good taste. Good in salads and salsas and on sandwiches. A gorgeous tomato.

Rose- Very rich flavor. Good acid and sweetness. Really delicious.

Japanese Black Trifele- Very tasty flesh with a meaty core. Extraordinary rich and complex flavors. Great for fresh eating.

Paul Robeson- Very flavorful with luscious, earthy, exotic flavors and good acid/sweet balance. Best used for fresh eating.

Green Grape- Sweet and fruity. Best used for fresh eating or in a salad.

Tomatoberry (non-heirloom)- Excellent, sweet flavor. Looks like a strawberry. Great in a salad or fresh eating.

San Marzano- Takes garlic like a dream. Great for tomato sauce.

Black Cherry- Excellent taste. Fruity and well balanced. Best for fresh eating.

Sungold (non-heirloom)- Very sweet. Tastes very fruity and delicious. Best for fresh eating as a snack.

Green Zebra- On the acidic side. Scrumptious sweet rich flavor with a bit of a bite at the back end. Good for slicing and salads.

Jaune Flamee- Excellent. Perfect blend of sweet and tart. Fruity. Can be eaten out of hand, sliced for a sandwich, grilled with eggs. Can be roasted in a slow oven with salt and thyme.

Golden Sunray- Richly flavored. Made for juicing. Easy to peel.

Kellogg’s Breakfast- Rich scrumptious. A blockbuster. Delicious rich flavor. Fresh eating by itself or in a salad.

Support organic farmers. Support local and sustainable agriculture. Support farmers who respect the land.

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