Thursday, March 31, 2011


A few days later than intended, here are some pictures to show a) how much the greenhouse has filled up in one week, and b) the amount of germination that has taken place. These pictures were taken on Tuesday, March 29. In the two days since, the range of plants germinating has increased and the growth of the seedlings has been dramatic. As the season progresses, and the cycle of seeding, germinating, growing, planting, growing, and harvesting speeds along, there is so much going on that there is less preoccupation about whether or not the newly seeded plants will germinate. But at this stage of the season, there is always nervous anticipation while waiting for, and then a great sense of relief when, the first sprouts start poking their head above the soil mix. Though it will still be some time before these plants are ready to be moved outside to be toughened up as prelude to planting, it would be nice if the weather would start to cooperate. There is much to be done to prepare the fields, and the wet conditions are not conducive to getting much done. The hope is that the current cool and wet conditions do not foreshadow a cool and wet farm season. If you recall, the 2009 season was marked by cool and wet conditions that led to a disastrous tomato crop for many of the areas organic farmers, and farmers throughout the Northeast. Let's hope for sunny, warm days and pleasant nights.

Okra- Seeded 3/22

Lettuce- Seeded 3/21

Spinach- Seeded 3/21

On the left- Red Russian Kale; On the right- Toscano Kale. Both seeded 3/21

The center tables of the greenhouse. Compare with the pictures in the prior posting.

The left side of the greenhouse.

The right side of the greenhouse. The seeding trays in the front part of the picture are on heating mats. The seeds of certain varieties require extra warmth to aid in their germination. Among the plants on the mats are okra, basil, sweet peppers, eggplant, and hot peppers.

There you have it, a quick trip through the greenhouse. Stay tuned for more pictures showing the rapid growth of the seedlings. Peace and healthy eating to one and all.

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