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“4. The widespread vegetable and animal pests and diseases, which are such a bane to modern agriculture, are evidence of a great failure of health in the plant and animal links of the chain.

5. The impaired health of human populations in modern civilized countries is a consequence of this failure in the plant and animal links.

6. The general failure in the last three links is to be attributed to failure in the first link, the soil: the undernourishment of the soil is at the root of all. The failure to maintain a healthy agriculture has largely cancelled out all the advantages we have gained from our improvement in hygiene, in housing, and our medical discoveries.” (Sir Albert Howard- The Soil and Health – A Study of Organic Agriculture; pg. 12)

Here is part two of the list of potatoes that will be available from Z Food Farm this coming season. As with part 1 most of the information comes from

Fingerling potatoes are a family of heritage potatoes that naturally grow much smaller than conventional potatoes. They can be used just like regular potatoes in an assortment of roasted, broiled, baked, grilled, or boiled dishes. Fingerlings tend to have a smoother and creamery texture and taste.

French Fingerling – Though plumper than most, this potato is still considered a fingerling. Radiant rose-red skin and deep yellow flesh with an occasional red ring. Creamy, smooth texture with exceptional flavor lends itself well to salad with thinly sliced red onions and chunks of crisp cucumbers.

Banana Fingerling – Probably the best known of the fingerlings. Tan skin with dark yellow flesh. Steamed and tossed with butter and parsley, these make a tasty late-summer dish.

Rose Finn Apple Fingerling – Rose-blushed beige skin and deep yellow flesh. Exquisite flavor and cooking qualities set it apart. Matures mid to late season.

Laratte Fingerling – From France. In appearance Laratte is similar to the Banana fingerling. A nutty flavor to the dark yellow flesh set it apart. Smooth and firm texture. Fine chefs love this gourmet morsel, and the demand is high.

Purple Peruvian Fingerling – Deep dark purple inside and out, with a rather earthy flavor that some really love. A late season potato. Truly a specialty potato. To maintain the color boil with 1 tablespoon of vinegar added to the cooking water.

As always, happy and healthy eating to one and all. Support local, sustainable agriculture. Support organic farming.

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