Saturday, January 15, 2011

SPUDS - Part 1

“1. The birthright of all living things is health.

2. This law is true for soil, plant, animal, and man: the health of these four is one connected chain.

3. Any weakness or defect in the health of any earlier link in the chain is carried on to the next and succeeding links, until it reaches the last, namely, man.” (Sir Albert Howard- The Soil and Health - A Study of Organic Agriculture; Pg. 12)

Last seasons potato harvest was a bit on the disappointing side. There was a delay in getting the potatoes into the ground. This was due to the overall business and delays in getting Z Food Farm up and running. Another factor, as it was with other plants, was the heat. While there is no way to control the heat this coming season, getting the potato ‘eyes’ planted on time this year should be ‘easily’ accomplished. (Keep in mind that nothing in farming is ever easily accomplished.)

Here then is part one of the potatoes that will be grown at Z Food Farm this coming season. This spuds for you. (Note: Most of the information about the potatoes comes from the website

Dark Red Norland – A good early season potato. Excellent boiled, mashed, and in potato salads. When baked, they will be moist (waxy). Beautiful round red skinned spuds. White flesh. Good flavor with a moist, waxy, firm texture.

Satina – A good early season potato. Satiny yellow skin and yellow flesh. An exceptional eating experience. Smooth texture and great flavor. Very good storage.

Adirondack Blue – A mid season potato. Glstening blue skin with a deep blue flesh without a white ring. The moist, flavorful flesh is superb for mashing or salads. It is a favorite in taste tests. Very high in antioxicants.

Adirondack Red – A mid season potato. Has a lightly netted purplish-red skin and a pink-red flesh. Flavorful and moist. Tast for roasting and salads. Good storage. Contains naturally occurring anthrocyanin, a powerful antioxidant.

Kennebec – A mid season potato. Was released in 1948. One of the top-ten varieties grown in Maine. Can be cooked any way you choose, boiled, mashed, or baked, and enjoy a superb meal every time. Excellent storage. White fleshed.

Carola – A mid season potato. Golden yellow color. The color of its sunny flesh is reminiscent of butter from cows fresh on pasture. The creamy texture and exquisite flavor is a pleasure whether steamed, boiled, baked, or fried. Originally from Germany.

Bintje – A late season potato. A classic Dutch variety released in 1910 and still widely grown in Europe. Smooth yellow skin and creamy golden flesh.

One announcement- seeding for the coming season will start March 2. This is exciting news. Good health and happy eating to all.

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