Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures At An Exhibition

Welcome to Z Food Farm. We hope to see you and get to meet you at either of our two farmers' markets or at the farm itself.

Here is David doing the first harvest at Z Food Farm. Swiss Chard had the 'honor' of being the first pick.

A big thumbs up for the first bunch. You can see some of the other crops growing on either side of David.

Here David is dunking the Swiss Chard in cold water. This serves two purposes- The first is to clean off as much of the soil from the produce as possible. The second is to rehydrate the chard. When it is cut, especially during the excessive heat we've been experiencing, the chard, as does other produce, can begin to wilt. Putting the produce in the cold water helps to revitalize the produce. Following this step the produce is then put in crates and then placed in a walk-in cooler. At this time David does not yet have a walk-in cooler. Once again Farmer Matt has come to David's aid by allowing David to utilize space in his cooler.

David is growing 14 varieties of lettuce. Some are better suited to the warmer weather than others. While it is challenging to have lettuce throughout the summer, David does seeding on a regular basis and is thus able to put new plants into the field on a steady basis. Thus, even if some of the lettuce does not do well, enough is planted to allow him to always have a supply to bring to market.

David grows two types of kale (one of those super nutritious greens). Pictured is Red Russian Kale. Not pictured is a variety named Toscano. Both varieties are crisper and creamier to taste than the traditional kale that most kale eaters are most familiar with.

The sign says it all- these are various types of summer squash. The round ones are a variety called 8-Ball. A few of Z Food Farms customers have found these to be particularly tasty. David harvests his summer squash on the smaller side. Smaller sized summer squash tend to be less seedy, more tender, and more tasty. Big is not always better. Over sized squash will be available for those who like to make bread or other baked goods.

And here's the Swiss Chard all bunched up and ready to be cooked and eaten. Pretty as a picture.

This is a picture on the building across the street in Philadelphia where the Rittenhouse Square Market is located. This saying sums up Farmer David and Z Food Farm.

Happy and healthy eating to one and all.

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