Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Down On The Farm

"If ever you think about the happiest days of your life Cast back your mind for a while And remember the time when you were a child Don't think of things that make you sad Just remember all the good times that you had"

As part of the curriculum at The Princeton Friends School the students, grades 3-5, get to participate in an out of school educational opportunity. The students self-select what activity to participate in and then go to the off school site once a month for the duration of the school year. For each of the past two years  a group of students has come to Z Food Farm. Starting the later part of farm season 2012 the students have: assisted David harvest carrots, potatoes, and turnips. In March of this season they seeded pea seeds in trays and in April they got to put the pea plants into the soil. If all goes as planned, the students should be able to get to harvest and eat the peas that they seeded and planted.
The students have had a great deal of fun and have displayed an interest in what they have done. They have had an opportunity to develop an awareness of how and where their food comes from, that it doesn't just magically appear on their tables.

Here are some pictures of the students in action.

The first two pictures show the students after they harvested two varieties of turnips. The red are called Scarlet Knight; the white ones are Hakurei Turnips. This activity was not a simple 'let's give the kids something to do' activity. The fact of the matter is that the turnips that they helped harvest were part of an order for a restaurant. 

 The following pictures show the students engaged in various stages of planting.

And as always, the loyal and faithful Hule is on the job keeping an eye on the proceedings. 

As always, happy and healthy eating to all. Support the right to know which foods are GMO's. Support local, organic, and sustainable farmers.

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