Monday, November 26, 2012

In Memoriam

A couple of months ago David arrived at the farm to find the farm cat, Maple, dead in the bike lane in front of the entrance to the farm. A car had evidently hit her, but it was impossible to figure out what happened. She tended to be skittish of cars and had not been seen to go on the road. However, the fact remained that sometime over night she had been hit by a car and killed. As might be imagined this was an extremely heartbreaking occurrence for David, Lynn, and me. She had become far more than a farm cat that kept the mice population at bay. She was as much a pet/friend as any house cat could be, as much as any pet/friend a dog could be.

The general cycle of farming is about life and death. Plants are seeded, they germinate, they are planted, they produce, and they die. So it is with the animals in our lives. We obtain a kitten or a puppy. They grow and mature and become an integral part of our lives. Their passing, in the natural course of living, is a painful and normal occurrence. When a death is not anticipated, when it is sudden and out of normal expectations, the death is more painful and lingering in its emotional impact. While the daily routine of working the farm continued without missing a beat, there was a pall that hovered over the mood and spirit of all. The passage of time has helped to soothe some of the raw edges of Maple’s death. However, her absence is still keenly felt. The following are some pictures to celebrate her life. 

Maple loved to sleep in baskets. 

Cat on a hot tin roof. And she did get help getting off the roof.

Another day, another nap.

Here's looking at you kid.

Another action packed day.

No basket? No problem. I'll just curl up on this blanket.

While Maple and Hule didn't actively play together all that much, they did get along well with each other. The phrase, 'fighting like cats and dogs' did not apply.

This is Peanut. She and Maple enjoyed playing with each other. It was very cute.

You want me to move? I don't think so.

 Peace and love

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